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My wife and I started this business to give people the chance that I wish I would have had in the very beginning. My dream started when I was only a little boy. As I watched wrestling growing up the dream grew bigger and bigger. When I turned 19 I set out to make my dream a reality...well it didn't happen like I imagined. First of all I realized no one was going to make me a wrestler and that it was going to take a lot of work on my part. Getting by doing small jobs and I mean very small jobs, just hoping to make enough money to eat that day was the way it started. At one point I lived in my car and took any little part I could. That was when I decided something had to give. So, I learned a trade, welding, got a job and realized that my dream was probably going to be a little easier now that I had a steady income coming in. I kept my dream alive while welding by training hard and taking part in different organizations. After about 10 years I finally got that break through a friend of a friend. I tried out for the WWF as it was called then and the rest you can catch on the internet. Even though you can't believe it all, it has been amazing and bittersweet at the same time

Sandra, my wonderful wife helps me keep up with my training. She is a nutritionist and a personal trainer so that makes my job a lot easier. She is great at making sure I am eating enough calories when I need them or helping me stick to a diet, so I can lean out before a photo shoot or main event. She's good at coming up with new training ideas when I am getting bored and with her beside me on a treadmill I can go for hours.
She is the brains behind the business and will be here all of the time to help with nutritional plans or work out regimes. Check out our photos in the album!

The objective of our business is to provide high quality instruction/training so that you can be closer to making your dream come true. We hope you will enjoy visiting our web site. Our students will leave us with a new pride and confidence that they can acheive the dreams that they carry with them.
Students are welcome from all over the world.We will try and help you with lodging and leads for jobs in the area. We understand that people have to work to survive so we will work around your schedule to the best of our ability. Contact us today to get started.

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