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Me and My Wife
Pictures of Me in action, with my hobby, my puppy, and the love of my life!
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My Wife
My Wife 
The love of my life!!!!! My wife Sandra

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Dear Mr. Holly,
I think you are a great wrestler and i think you are the best wrestler......
You are my superstar !!!!
a big fan from germany
Ina | | July 5, 2005
Your wife is HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NA | NA | July 5, 2005
Dear Mr. Holly

I agreee with what the other guy said, you are trully a wasted tallent, you really are the toughest man in the buisness, its a shame they miss-used you. I live in Australia and am aiming at training with the AWF acadamy. It would be an honour to learn to wrestle under you though Mr Holly, its just that i live so far away.
Always a fan Mate
Luke | | July 5, 2005
YEAH BOB ,,HARDCORE'' HOLLY YOU ARE THE MAN. SMACKDOWN! is better than RAW. RAW is bullshit!!! Please WWE give BOB ,,HARDCORE'' HOLLY a TITLEBELT. BOB HOLLY is the Man of the World.
Thomas M. | | July 5, 2005
H-yuck! Cool site! I've been training to wrestle for the past two years, and am very interested in signing up to this school! Bob Holly - you are the greatest wrestler on TV today! Keep up the good work!
Antony Elsdon | | July 5, 2005
I don't know if this is the place for it, but I like to salute my favorite wrestling icons with my poetry, and the great BOB HOLLY is certainly such a pillar of manhood. Here's one of my poems about him:

Superstar with a claim to fame
Hardcore Holly is his name
Easily the toughest in the ring
Snapping opponents like bakery string
Fast as a racecar (but we won't mention that)
Unless it's raining, he never wears a hat
Great when he headlined his one pay-per-view
Let's make history and someday give him a shot at #2
You know he's the best, it's really true, ooh, ooh, ooh!

I hope you enjoy my poem as much as I've enjoyed your career, Mr. Holly.
Michael Ostomy | | July 5, 2005
Mr Holly. Your wife is beautiful. You are a lucky man. I am a huge fan of yours. And i live 50 miles from you in Pensacola Florida. I am 23 years old and this area has such a rich wrestling history. I have been a fan of this sport for 20 years. And i would do whatever it takes, even if you kicked my ass into a bloddy pulp like you did that loser Matt Capotelli on Tough Enough, to go to your wrestling academy. I am dissapointed that you let the WWE shit on you man. You have gave them 12 years of your life and all you have to show is a few tag title reigns, and some hardcore title reigns. I think you were robbed in 1995 when you won the IC title on superstars, only to say it wasnt legit. The fans love you, you always get a great pop. Its a shame they dont use you right, you deserve to be the world champ. You are the toughest man in the business pound for pound. And you are better than that potbelly JBL anyday of the week. You should go to TNA where you can be a world champ. Much love from a big fan.

Chris in Pensacola
Christopher Strickland | | July 5, 2005
Mr. Bob Holly. I am honored to be the first to write something on your webpage. I am truly one of your biggest fans. Any person I can turn on to wrestling have all become Hardcore Holly fans by default. You have the whole bouncer staff (myself leading the charge)from The Paradise City (Portage Wisconsin) rooting for you and checking the net every wednesday to see if we even need to watch Smackdown. If you aren't on, we don't watch. I went to my first live show in years in April which was Wrestlemania while visiting a friend in Hollywood, and easily the highlight of the show was seeing you lead the Smackdown guys to the ring. Best 500 dollars I spent to see anything live. Maybe I will drag my out of shape bouncer ass down to Mobile and pay you some money just to have you chop the hell out of me. It would be an honor. Here's to your success opening your academy.
Dan Freiermuth | | July 5, 2005
jefff | July 5, 2005   

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