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The staph infection he got in the ring around August of last year turned into MSRA , they thought they had cured it, but when he had surgery on his right elbow in February it came back full force landing him back in the hospital in March. Everything seemed to be going ok until around the 7th or 8th of April when he came down with what we thought was a bad case of the flu (fever, chills, and then his arm began to swell). We went back to the doctor and he was admitted directly to the hospital that night and emergency surgery was scheduled the next morning. We stayed in the hospital until they put a PIC line in and got the results of the cultures back from surgery showing it was indeed still the MSRA which had gotten into his blood and also embedded his elbow joint. Unfortunately the only antibiotic that will probably get rid of it once and for all has to be administered by IV once every 12 hours for about the next 6 weeks. He has been on and off antibiotics since September of last year fighting this infection when he first got it, which really created a super strain infection resistant to everything they have given him. Now we are fighting along with that damage to other organs probably caused from such strong meds. They are monitoring him closely here at home, taking blood every other day now, delivering the medication to us daily, and at least trying to let him be here instead of at the hospital. The results on Friday were a little scary and they started him on an additional medication because his platelet level and potassium level were very high. Hopefully things will start to turn around and they will get this all out of his system without any long term damage to his kidneys.
We encourge all Bob Holly fans to support Bob in this tough time! He is a fighter and is so ready to be back in the ring and all of this is very disheartening. If you would like to send Bob a card, letter or any get well wishes by mail, please write to the following address.

Bob Holly
590-B #16
Schillinger Rd.So.
Mobile, AL 366695