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Bob "Hardcore" Holly

AKA: "Hollywood" Bob Howard (SMW), Thurman "Sparky" Plug, Bob "SparkPlug" Holly, Bodacious Bob
Years Experience: 15
Trained By: Rip Tyler & Stan Frazier
Height & Weight: 6' - 235 lbs
Hometown: Mobile, Alabama
Companies Worked For: World Wrestling Entertainment, Smokey Mountain Wrestling
Accomplishments: 2-Time WWE Tag Team Champion, 6-Time WWE Hardcore Champion

Kip James

AKA: Billy Gunn, Mr Ass, "Bad Ass" Billy Gunn, "The One" Billy Gunn, Rockabilly, Kip Winchester, The Outlaw
Years Experience: 13
Trained By: Jerry Gray
Height & Weight: 6'4 - 268 lbs
Hometown: Houston, Texas
Companies Worked For: World Wrestling Entertainment, NWA-TNA
Accomplishments: 10-Time WWE Tag Team Champion, 2-Time WWE Hardcore Champion, WWE Intercontinental Champion, 1999 WWE King Of The Ring